Washing Machine

Automatic :

Automatic washing machines have a single tub for washing, rinsing and drying process. The entire process is made automatically. The water levels required for the clothes are determined automatically and no manual intervention is required during the wash. The automatic washing machines control all the aspects of filling water, washing, rinsing, drying, and flushing out the used water. The user needs to add clothes and required detergent to the wash process.

Semi Automatic :

Semi automatic washing machines have two tubs for washing process. The washing, rinsing is handled in main tub and drying process is handled by separate drum. After washing and rinsing, the clothes need to be manually transferred to the drying tub. The washing machine’s capacity is rated in kilograms. The amount of clothes handled by a machine rates its kilogram capacity.

Front loading :

Front loading washing machines are water efficient and energy efficient machine. The wash done at the front loading machine is tumble wash. The tumble wash makes the machine to consume less water, detergent, and power. Front loading machines take more cycle time for washing and it does not have an agitator in the middle of the drum. It is used widely in the UK and other European countries.

Top loading :

Top loading washing machines come with an agitator in the middle of the drum. The combined action of the rotating drum and agitator washes the clothes. The top loading washing machines consumes more water and power when compared to front loading machines. A high efficiency top loading washing machine washes the clothes similar to the front load washing machines.

Little Known Ways to Save Washing Machines from Break Down

Water causes a major problem in all washing machines like front loading, top loading, semi- automatic machines, and fully automatic machines.

  • Use filters for inlet water pipe. Hard water contains dust, dissolved chemicals and turbidity. Always use filters on your washing machine to prevent the harmful effects of hard water (bore-well water). Prolonged usage of water without filters damages the internal drum and life of the machine. It damages all the moving parts of your machine. Filters worn out after a specific time period. So replace the filters in frequent intervals of time.
  • Avoid the contact of water with washing machines having the metal body (Don't place them in your bathing rooms)
  • Use a stand for your washing machine. It avoids the contact of water and gives a stable position for optimum operation.
  • Washing tub needs to be cleaned every month with descaling powder. This removes all the residues of hard water on the surface of the tub. Descaling powders are available in SKB Electronics. Call us to buy the best descaling powders.
  • Professional tub cleaning is necessary for your machine every year. Even though the descale powders remove the scaling, it removes the scales on the outer surface of the tub. To remove the scales fully, call us for professional tub cleaning.
  • Wipe the entire machine after washing your clothes. Don’t leave the machine to remain in wet condition for longer duration of time. This removes the moisture content from the tub and prevents various problems arising due to water.

Recommendations for the problems arising due to power:

  • Always use a three pin plug for your washing machines. Proper earthing is mandatory to avoid the electric shock.
  • Always install a tripper to avoid heavy current flow in your home electrical connections.
  • Use a hot water wash whenever it is required. The hot water wash consumes more power and increases your power bill.
  • Take necessary care on the operation panel. Avoid spilling any liquids on the panel to prevent damages.

General Recommendations for Trouble-free Operation:

  • Check for any small items in the pockets of your clothes like coins, used tickets, papers, etc. before loading into washing machines. The small items get stuck in the drain pipe and block the water outlet of the machine.
  • Avoid opening the washing machine lid while running.
  • Check for appropriate water pressure in the machine's water inlet pipe.
  • Always wash the clothes within the given capacity of the machine. Don't overload the machine with many clothes.
  • The washed clothes should not be left in the washing machine for a longer time. This leads to bad smell over clothes and induces the scale formation on the surface of washing tub.
  • Use your washing machine regularly. Don't leave the machine for a long duration of time without using it.
  • Restrict rodents (rats, mice, squirrels, etc.) and pests (cockroaches and lizards) to come in contact with the washing machine. It damages the wiring and internal mechanical parts of the machine.

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