About Refrigerator Services

Side by Side :

Side by side refrigerators gives more space for the users to store. The modern design changes proved that these refrigerators are energy efficient. The compartments are designed to accommodate all types of food items and beverages. It contains a variety of shelves, drawers, and trays to keep the food items fresh and hygienic. SKB Electronics is best refrigerator services in chennai.

Double Door :

Double door refrigerators come with a separate compartment for freezers. They are also called as frost free fridges. The freezer compartment does not form ice and make it frost free. With a separate compartment for freezers, user can get more space to store food items. These fridges offer greater flexibility and less maintenance to the users.

Direct Cool :

Direct cool refrigerators are also called as single door fridges. The ice is formed on the freezer compartment and needs a manual defrost process. These fridges belong to first generation and it is available at economic price to the users. If your budget is very tight, then direct cool fridges offers solve your purpose with additional maintenance.

The Secret of Refrigerator Maintenance

Refrigerators (fridges) are designed to operate 24 hours round the clock. It is designed to cut off the power supply based on the internal temperature. So a voltage stabilizer is required for smooth operations of switching on and off. Typically, a fridge needs a 500 watts stabilizer.

Even though, the latest refrigerators come with the sticker of stabilizer free operation, it is always recommended using a voltage stabilizer. For our Indian power supply, the voltage range may vary beyond the range. Use a delayed voltage stabilizer to avoid voltage fluctuations.

Check your fridge's (single door fridge) drain tray during power cut. Your fridge tends to defrost when the power supply is not available. Fridge tends to drain out more water during winter than in summer.

Frost free fridges (double door fridges) also have a drain tray to collect the water. In most cases, the water evaporates automatically. If not, drain it manually.

Proper cleaning should be done on the interiors of the fridge. Clean the traces of spilled liquids to avoid permanent stains.

Tips to have a trouble-free Refrigerator

When you are travelling out of station for a long time, empty the contents of the fridge and switch it off. Keep a carbon piece or deodorizer inside the fridge to avoid bad odour.

EAlways cover your non-veg items while storing in freezer compartment. This avoids bad odour in the fridge.

Clean the fridge every month both interior compartments and outside surface.