About Microwave Oven

Convection :

The convection type microwave oven is primarily used for baking products. The hot air flows inside the chamber to make the food particles crisp on all the sides. A heating element and fan, enables the continuous hot air in the chamber and makes sure that the food particles are heated uniformly on all the sides. These types of oven make the food particles crisp. SKB Electronics is best Microwave Oven services in chennai.

Grill :

Grill type microwave ovens offer grill type cooking for your food items. The device is designed to make the food particles outer layer crispy in nature and retains its water contents inside. The heating is performed with the microwave radiation. This is suitable to cook grilled varieties, kebabs, and various types of stuffed items.

Solo :

The basic form of oven is solo. Reheat, cooking and baking process can be done easily with this model. We can defrost the frozen foods with a quick turnaround time. It offers the basic functionalities of oven and easy to use for all types of users. This type does not offer the features to do a grilled form of cooking.

Here’s a Quick Way to Maintain your Microwave Oven

Recommendations for Microwave Oven
Due to high power watts, proper earthing is necessary for microwave oven (Grill, solo, and convection types). Make sure that your power supply has proper grounding (earthing).

Voltage stabilizer is not required for microwave oven.

Don't let the door open for longer duration. Always close the microwave oven doors immediately after using it. This creates a major problem for your microwave oven.

Control the pests (cockroaches) in the kitchen room so that it does not cause or induce problems in the usage of the microwave oven.

Always use company (brand) recommended microwave friendly utensils for oven mentioned in the user guide. Stainless steel, copper, aluminium, nickel, silver utensils should not be used in microwave oven.

You can use hand gloves to handle your utensils safely.

Clean the microwave oven compartment every time after the usage.