SKB Electronics offers quality appliance repair services in Chennai.

The 5Rs of SKB

5r(Reason, Remedy, Repair, Replace & Recommendation)

  • We tell about the reason of appliance's malfunction to you.
  • We give you the best remedy to fix the problem.
  • We do the repair services by qualified service engineers at affordable prices.
  • We might replace the worn out or defective parts of your appliance.
  • We recommend a set of practices to you to avoid subsequent breakdown of your appliances.

With the professional experience of more than one decade, we give quality repair services and sales for electronics products like TVs, DVD Players, refrigerators, washing machines, and microwave oven. At SKB, we strive to give a smooth customer experience and we follow sequence of steps to fix your appliance breakdown.

SKB's Service Process Flow :


Repairs & Services Request Form

*Note:The Repairs & Services available only in Chennai