Direct Cool


Direct Cool


Direct cool refrigerators are also called as single door fridges. The ice is formed on the freezer compartment and needs a manual defrost process. These fridges belong to first generation and it is available at economic price to the users. If your budget is very tight, then direct cool fridges offers solve your purpose with additional maintenance.Order now Call 044- 22385033,22385035

What Everybody Ought to Know About TV?



1. Radiation is more in CRT TVs and very less in LCD and LED TVs.

Advantages: The power consumption is also very less for LCD and LED TVs and more for CRT TVs or Conventional TV.

2. The viewing angle problem is very less in LED TVs.

Advantage: If you feel the pictures are different in various angles, better buy an LED TV. Maintain 10 to 15 feet distance between the TV and user.

3. Place or mount the LED TVs away from children.

Advantage: As the LED TVs are very slim in nature, these display units should be mounted above the reach of children to avoid any accidental damages of the unit.

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